Grips & Guides

Rod components enhance your custom fishing rods performance to a nearly unimaginable level. Whether you're looking for a fishing rod for fresh or saltwater we have an integrated line of rod blanks, reel seats, guides, grips and hardware designed for creating beautiful fishing rods that outperform the competition and exceed your  expectations. Our custom fishing rods now feature the state of the art microwave line control system.

LVSG Light Action SIC Insert
Inexpensive, yet having the SIC insert, one of the best inserts on the market today.


Silicone Carbide Stainless Steel Frame

Stainless steel frame eliminates rust and corrosion, increasing longevity and reducing repair costs.

Fuji® Concept Titanium
Concept guides sit higher off the blank, greatly reducing line slap, which  increases casting distance. Because they are titanium, they  are up to 60% lighter than standard guides, improving the rod's balance and helping to reduce wrist and arm fatigue. 



Foam Grips


  Cork Grips


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